Residential Homes

Your fire and life safety system is there to protect you and your assets.

Pulsar Alarm Systems values what’s most important to you and we’re in the business of protecting it.

Tucked away behind the walls of your home are your family, your pets, your belongings, and your memories. We all want to do everything we can to protect those most important to us. In addition to home security and surveillance systems, more and more single family homes are seeing the benefits of a residential fire sprinkler system. Not only do these systems help save lives but they reduce property damage and can even mean a reduction in your homeowners insurance cost. Pulsar Alarm Systems can tailor a home sprinkler system to your needs and make your safe space that much safer.

For the best in customizable home security, look not further than Pulsar Halo. Our DIT (do-it-together) system installs in minutes with step by step assistance from our licensed technicians over the phone. You can adjust entry sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, lights, etc. to your exact specifications and change it up whenever you need to.