Fire Inspection

Your fire and life safety system is there to protect you and your assets.

Failing to execute regular inspections could compromise your system’s integrity and endanger lives.

Fire Inspection Services

Not only is it wise to ensure the continued reliability of your fire protection and alarm system, local code regulations require it. Modern fire detection and protection methods provide unprecedented speed and effectiveness but are rendered useless if something malfunctions. Routine inspections can prevent tragedies such as loss of life and personal injury, not to mention asset loss, fines, and revocation of insurance coverage. Complications can be caused by:
Pulsar Performs inspections per the NFPA designed to help ensure the systems will operate correctly in an emergency. These inspections ensure residents will be warned of a fire and help ensure residents have adequate time to get to safety. The required tests also make sure signals are sent and received by the monitoring centers so the Fire Department can be dispatched.

A properly working Fire Alarm System will save lives and help prevent extensive property damage.