Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pulsar Alarm Systems designs and installs fire sprinkler systems based on what your unique commercial or residential facility requires.

No matter the project size or complexity, fire sprinkler systems are imperative for life and property protection. Trust our licensed specialists to expertly install the system that’s right for you.

Fire Sprinkler System Offerings

Wet Pipe

The system you may be most familiar with, wet pipe sprinkler systems maintain a constant supply of water that discharges when activated by sufficient heat. While this option is cost-efficient and low maintenance, it is not appropriate for low-temperature environments or high-impact areas.

Dry Pipe

While also heat activated, dry pipe sprinkler systems contain pressurized air rather than water. When triggered, water flows through flushing the air from the pipe. This system is appropriate for sub-freezing environments and are commonly found in loading docks, freezer rooms, and unfinished warehouses.


Appropriate for water sensitive environments such as art galleries, museums, and data centers, pre-action systems include built-in fail safes. Water is withheld from the system’s pipes by a pre-action valve and is only released when triggered by smoke or flame exposure. Pressurized air can be included in the pipes as a guard against accidental activation.


Not dissimilar to a pre-action system, deluge systems are also triggered by exposure to heat or smoke but do not have air in the pipes. Rather, water is discharged at high velocity through numerous sprinkler heads. This system is ideal for environments where fire spread is of particular concern such as chemical and power plants and other industrial settings.